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Idea Fair

The "Woodie" Tennis Event


The final event of each tennis season is an all adult good time with lots of games and drinks! Novices and experts alike are invited to sport their best retro 80's outfit, grab a wooden racquet and enjoy a laugh of two. Awards are given to included the coveted IHCC WOODIE TOURNAMENT trophy, Best Dressed participant and the club favorite, "Dirtiest Woodie" (for the dirtiest wooden racquet). After a day of battling it out on the courts, everyone enjoys an 80's themed movie and a cool cocktail in the shade.


The idea grew to an annual event that members look forward to in order to try and out do the previous year. Posters, email, word of mouth and also a YouTube video spreads the word.

Be sure to scan the QR code on the front of the poster to see our Woodie Tournament video to see exactly how our members get involved!

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