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Training Manager


Since making The Service Trainer position a high priority, we have seen an increase in general knowledge, teamwork, retention, and job satisfaction from our employees. Our weekly menu test’s scores and the dining staff’s overall confidence have greatly improved which has naturally increased the member dining experience.


This idea was implemented after Clubhouse Management took extra initiative to focus heavily on training and employee development. This position was crafted carefully to reflect our core values into this program. Our membership takes a great interest in our staff’s progression and growth and they enjoy seeing staff who was once their server, take on greater responsibilities within the club.

Service Trainer – NEW Position

  • The Service Trainer works closely with the F&B Director in creation and evolution of our training process to be in line with Ansley’s standards
  • The Service Trainer focuses on getting every a la carte new hire through the training program in a consistent format. Strong emphasis with each individual on passing tests and ensuring there is full understanding of all aspects in the position
  • The training program is designed to take a minimum of 7-10 shifts, equaling 35-50 training hours per new hire

Creating a Training Calendar for 2020

  • Monthly training topics with weekly training sessions for all a la carte staff. Primary focus on product knowledge, service standards, culture and team building to enhance the overall Ansley Dining Experience

NEW Process - 30/60/90 day check in

  • This process focuses on identifying if the onboarding process has been successful and how it can be improved
  • Helps us pinpoint which employees can be influential in retaining the new hires

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