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Tux Tokens


With this employee incentive program, all employees are eligible to earn a custom wooden nickel or “Tux Token” to redeem for a prize of their choosing or save up to redeem for larger prizes. “Tux” is our service mascot. When we see Tux in any form, we think service. Tux is the perfect face for our reward tokens.

A “Tuk Token” focuses our service spirit internally by reinforcing the positive behaviors and personal achievements of our employees. Tux Tokens are given to award employees who are demonstrating the Cherokee Principles and Team Rules and Family Values within their scope of work / job description.


Established by our internal "Culture Committee", Tux Tokens are given out by managers to any employee (except Senior Leadership Committee members)

  • A manager gives one token per single occurrence
  • Multiple managers can award the same employee for the occurrence
  • An employee can receive more than one tux token in a day by the same manager, but it must be for a different occurrence
  • Once an employee earns 25 tokens, he or she can turn them in to receive a voucher so they easily keep up with their token count

Events worthy of a Tux Token:

  • Having a positive attitude, especially when faced with hard work or a high-activity shift
  • Voluntarily helping out in an area outside of your role or department
  • Working through a less than ideal weather day (i.e. valet on a rainy day; GCM caring for the course on a cold winter day)
  • Completing an individual or departmental goal
  • “Leveling Up” in a tiered base position (i.e. Server I to Server II)
  • Receiving a certification, designation, or industry award

Members positively benefit from the team spirit and increased morale that have resulted, making them feel welcomed and proud. They enjoy celebrating along with us when we give out tokens.

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