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Who We Are


In every club the most valuable part of our organizations are employees. Some clubs spend as much as 50% of their operating budget on employee’s salary and benefits and less when it comes to appreciation. Every club strives to be the best by providing members with memorable experiences. These experiences are placed in the hands of our employees to deliver upon. The degree to which this gets accomplished is determined on how employees feel they are valued. As a management team, we created our own incentive program surrounding the principle of appreciation. Hence, our WHO WE ARE program. This program was started after conducting a survey to gauge employee happiness. We took our Who We Are mission statement and created an incentive program for the F&B team by designing cards for the team to fill out and placed ballot boxes throughout all of our F&B areas campus wide.


The idea is to catch staff in the moment demonstrating the attributes of our mission statement. The fun part is that managers are not the only ones looking for these attributes to be demonstrated. The staff are also responsible for looking out for their fellow employees and nominating them for the award. Each week we have our weekly F&B meetings, where majority of managers from the various outlets attend. We gather the cards from our various outlets and after regular business is concluded, we read these cards aloud to hear the nominations. Afterwards, each manager gets the opportunity to congratulate those that were nominated, whether the staff directly reports to you or another manager. Next, we type out all the cards of those nominated on a formal document and display it in all the employee common areas for the entire club to view. This gives staff the ability to congratulate each other as well as motivate others to follow suit. Lastly, we collect all the cards for the month and have a drawing. The winner gets $100 and their picture taken to be displayed in the Tasty Chase, our employee dining room. This small gesture goes a long way. The money may not be a lot, however, the attention says to the employee you matter. This has motivated the staff to continue to pursue core values of Who We Are and recognize one another for the great deeds they deliver on a daily basis.

The plus one is that we have created Who We Are stamps to place on the team’s pay check each week to remind them of not only the incentive program but our mission as well.

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Alfred Abayomi-Cole

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