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Wisdom of Teams


Wisdom of Teams: Inspirational sharing of personal and professional lessons learned to better our team as a whole.

As a team-based organization, a critical component of our operation is utilizing the strengths and talents of our team members to enhance the entire organization, not just an individual department. As a way to illustrate that our Club is truly stronger as a team and empower our team (department) leaders to share their knowledge for the good of the Club, the “Wisdom of Teams” program was formed. Team leaders within our Club have a standing weekly meeting to discuss overall Club operations, budgetary information, challenges and opportunities. At least once a month, the meeting concludes with a “Wisdom of Teams” presentation. These presentations consist of one designated team leader sharing any form of wisdom that they believe will benefit the leadership present as well as the Club as a whole. Each month, a different team leader is given the opportunity to present. Presentations to date have ranged in topics from leadership principles to time management, setting New Year’s goals and beyond. The presentations have taken the form of interactive games, videos, handouts, excerpts from books and Prezi presentations.


The “Wisdom of Teams” program has been very well received by the leadership team. It has been enlightening to see what various leaders bring to the table to share with their teammates. It has also served as a platform for leaders who may not excel in public speaking to face their fear in a small group setting. Various departments have implemented the program on the department level as well, further empowering our front line team members to share their wisdom with our team.

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Bill Shonk

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