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World Team Pickleball & Paddle Wars


Pickleball is currently the fastest growing racquet sport in America. Wanting to enhance our program, we created World Team Pickle Ball. This program has allowed us to utilize indoor court time on evenings that previously had gone unused, and, more importantly it has provided members the easy opportunity to participate in a new activity as well as develop new relationships in a social atmosphere. Over 150 members signed up to play and were drafted by our Pros into four competitive teams. Our Pros send out weekly emails to confirm who is available to play in the next round of competition. Over the course of 7 play dates, we have averaged over 90 players each week. We manage 10 pickle ball courts over our three indoor hard courts, leaving one half court set up with tables and chairs for members to mingle in between their scheduled matches. Matches are 30 minutes in duration, running from 6 PM – 9PM. Members are set up into evenly matched games along with food and drinks set up on the indoor courts. Finals will be held on the last night of the season where the top two teams will play for first place and the bottom two teams will play for third place.


World Team Pickleball has brought out not only veteran pickleball players, but also many other members who had previously not used the racquets facilities (for example, 20% of players are also golfers). Our participants range in age from 21 to 81 and this includes many Junior Members who grew up at the club and are now returning from college. The wide range in attendees, popularity of the game, and creating a new community of athletes has led World Team Pickle to be incredibly successful!

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