To be eligible for membership, a person must be connected with the management of clubs. To submit your online application, click the join button below. Your application will be submitted to CMAA and your local Chapter simultaneously for approval.

Have you been a member before or attended a CMAA event? You likely already have an account and should log in first, then click the rejoin button in your online profile.

CMAA’s step membership lets you join/rejoin at a discounted rate. In the first year, the dues rate is $500 ($250 if you join between April 1 and August 31). The second year dues rate will be $650 and the third year will be the prevailing dues rate. The step program applies to dues at the national level only.

Chapter dues rates and fees remain at the discretion of each chapter. When you complete your online application, the correct dues amounts for both CMAA National and your local Chapter will automatically populate your cart.

If your membership has been lapsed for less than a year, please contact the Membership Team and they will assist you with reinstatement your membership.

CMAA offers you and your club the education and resources you need to succeed in today's ever-evolving industry. CMAA is fully-staffed with seasoned professionals all working with one goal in mind: to help you apply cutting-edge learning and better practices to your club environment. We look forward to welcoming you!

Want to reach out to your local Chapter? Here is a list of Chapter Contacts.