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Chapter Officer/Chairman Report

For use by chapter administrators. Report attendance at chapter meetings.

Please provide your meeting details below. Upload your completed attendance spreadsheet. If you are reporting attendance for a Business Meeting, also upload meeting minutes.

Form Frequently Asked Questions

Download Attendance Template (Senior Chapters)

Frequently Asked Questions

The template may be downloaded here.

You may download an attendance template with current chapter member information by first visiting the Chapter Reports section of the
My Chapters page (login required.)

CSV is a standard file format. Before uploading your attendance file, you should save it in CSV format.
You can save Excel spreadsheets in CSV format by:
  1. Choose File, Save As
  2. Choose Save as type: CSV (comma delimited)
  3. When prompted, "Some features in your workbook might be lost..." Select "Yes"

No. You are only required to include CMAA Member IDs in the first column.
DO NOT delete columns, or column headers from the original template.
Putting information in the additional columns is optional, but may help us to catch errors (if for example, John Doe provides an incorrect member ID, but we are able to match that persons name and email address in our system, credit is more likely to be awarded.
Regardless, you should submit your file with all original columns intact, even if they contain no data.

Only include information for individuals that may want CMAA certification credits.
You may include as much information as you have as matches the template; at least First Name, Last Name and Email would be ideal.
You should not include anything in the Member ID column.

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