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Installation of Officers

The installation of chapter officers should be conducted as follows:

  1. At the first chapter meeting following the election of officers;
  2. At the beginning of the evening, before cocktails are consumed;
  3. By a Past President or an Association official; and
  4. By calling all newly elected officers to the dais for the installation.

The ceremony can be conducted as a special event and may include club board members and their spouses. You may even wish to require formal attire. The individual presiding over the installation ceremony can use the sample speech provided below.

Installation Speech

Prospective Officers:

Your peers have chosen to elect you to the governing body of this chapter of CMAA. With this honor comes the responsibility of providing your leadership during the next year. You will build upon the efforts of countless other individual managers who have volunteered before you to build a quality environment in which club managers will not only work, but thrive. You can have great influence upon the future of this chapter and your industry if you devote the time, talent and hard work necessary to improve the club industry for yourself, your peers and the future managers who will then build upon your work. Your job will not always be easy, but it is important.

If you are fully aware of, and accept these responsibilities, listen to this oath of office, and if you agree, indicate by saying “I will.”

Ask the installees to raise their right hands.

I pledge to perform the responsibilities of my elected position to the best of my ability and to devote the time, talent and work necessary to achieve success in this endeavor. I further pledge to uphold the bylaws and Code of Ethics of the Club Management Association of America. If you so pledge, please respond by saying, “I will.”

Installees Respond:

I will.

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