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Guidelines for Presenting CCM, CCE, CMR and Honor Society Awards

  1. Plan to make your chapter presentation of plaques and/or certificates at a meeting of some importance, preferably with club officers present.

  2. In your advance announcement of the chapter meeting, highlight the fact that this award is to be presented.

  3. Select an appropriate time for the presentation. Avoid festive seasons, preceded by cocktail parties, etc. The presiding officer should add dignity to the occasion by requesting that the recipient(s) step forward before the group.

  4. The presiding officer might wish to use the following scripts for presentation:


    The Certified Chief Executive designation distinguishes those managers who have demonstrated the qualities needed to serve as the top executive in a club. It further recognizes the recipient’s dedication to excellence in club management.


    The designation of Certified Club Manager is the hallmark of a club manager’s career. The manager who is a “CCM” has proven to him/herself and his/her colleagues that he/she is an example of the tenets for which CMAA stands.

    Certification Maintenance Requirement (CMR)

    The CMR reflects a manager’s commitment to excellence in his/her professional development within the club industry. The CMR ensures the continued prestige and respect of the CCM designation. You have further demonstrated your commitment to excellence in club management and continued
    professional growth.

    We consider it a real privilege to present (each of) you with this certificate/plaque/pin, proof that you continue to meet the challenge of your profession.

    Honor Society

    This recognition symbolizes a lifelong commitment to excellence in the field of private club management. Those who achieve membership in CMAA’s Honor Society have proven to be the true leaders of the club management field.

  5. Finally, present the certificate, shake hands with the recipient(s) and offer him/her (them) the opportunity to address the group.

  6. Following the presentation, the awarding officer might again address the audience: “The accomplishment of this honor is a tribute to the professionalism of these honorees and a challenge to those who have not yet attained this recognition.”

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