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Membership Types

Membership Codes

01 – Professional
02 – Alumnus
03 – Retired Professional
03B – Retired Associate
04 – Honorary
05 – Associate
06 – Student
09 – Faculty
CU1 – Continuation

Continuation Status

CMAA offers Continuation while Unemployed status. Managing Directors should be aware of this option and spread the word to their chapter members. Per the Bylaws:

 "A Professional member who is unemployed in club management on November 1, and who is actively seeking employment in the club management profession, may be continued on the membership rolls of the Association for a period not to exceed twelve months (12) without payment of dues. During this continuation, the member will enjoy all other benefits of membership. Reinstatement from Continuation while Unemployed is without an administrative fee. This continuation ceases at the time the member is again employed in club management." 

Please note that Continuation status is not automatic. If a member is unemployed and wants to continue his/her membership for the year or until further employed at a club (whichever comes first), he/she needs to contact National Headquarters directly as we do need to check the member's eligibility for this status change. 

As such, Continuation status cannot be used for two consecutive years, nor can it be used more than twice in a five-year period. So long as the member does not fall into either of those two provisions, he/she is eligible for the year. 

Bottom line: Don't let your chapter members drop because they are unemployed and unable to pay their dues at renewal time. Please advise them to be in touch with us at the National Headquarters. We want to keep them on as members and help to usher them into new jobs. CMAA’s Career Services offers valuable tools to those members.

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