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Staff and Board

Meet those involved in guiding and maintaining the society.


Sara Thom

Sara Thom
Manager, Member & Community Engagement

2023-2024 Wine Society Board of Managers

Blaine A. Burgess, CCM, CCE
Country Club of Little Rock,
Little Rock, AR

Ryan T. Brennan, CCM
Manasquan River Golf Club,
Brielle, NJ

Sarah Kuhl, CCM
Beach Point Club,
Mamaroneck, NY

Wendy Anglin, CCM
The Old Club,
Harsens Island, MI

Bret Coad, CCM, CCE
Minnehaha Country Club,
Sioux Falls, SD

Kelvin Mauldin
Log Cabin Club,
Ladue, MO

Randall Bertao, CCM, CS
Lost Altos Golf & Country Club,
Los Altos, CA

Art Barajas, CCM, CCE
Board Member
Glendora Country Club,
Glendora, CA

Cheryl Wisch, CCM, CS
Board Member
Woodmont Country Club,
Rockville, MD

Chris Clodfelter, CCM 
Board Member
Valley Brook Country Club,
McMurray, PA

Jack Grehan
Immediate Pas Host
Meadow Club,
Fairfax, CA

Karl Habib, CCM, CCE
Ex-officio Board Member
Silver Spring Country Club,
Ridgefield, CT

Past Hosts

2022- Jack Grehan

2021- Karl Habib, CCM, CCE

2020- Colin Mack-Allen, CCM CCE

2019- Paul A. Smith III

2018- Jason Asbra

2017- Jeffrey Martocci, CCM

2016- Terry J. Anglin, CCM, CCE

2015- Thomas R. Czaus, CCM, CHE

2014- John R. Schuler, CCM

2013- Eric Gregory, CCM

2012- Joseph F. Basso, MCM, CCE

2011- Oliver Boudin, CCM, CCE

2010- Edward T. Brennan Jr., CCM, CCE

2009- Matt S. Oggero, CCM

2008- Andrew Curtis, CCM, CCE, CMP

2007- Ronald A. Banaszak, CCM, CCE

2006- Dolly Ammann, CCM

2005- Mitchell B. Marron


2004- Thomas G. Bertani, CCM, CCE

2003- Kirk O. Reese, CCM

2002- Joseph H. Gayle, Jr., CCM

2001- Sandy McGaughey, MCM, CCE

2000- Jake Williams, CCM

1999- Phyllis S. Cherry, CCM

1998- Paul F. Anthony, CCM, CCE

1997- Terry Lee Gilmer, CCM

1996- Timothy T. Stein

1995- Burton Ward, CCM, CCE

1994- Ralph T. Pecca, CCM

1993- Peter J. Tunley, CCM, CCE

1992- Douglas J. Holtz, CCM, CCE

1991- Robert L. Wright II, CCM

1990- John L. Spidalette

1989- John J. Marckstein

1988- Warren L. Arseneax, CCM

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