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Wine Society

Wine Society LogoIn 1986, Bob Fudge contacted W.R. "Red" Steger, CCM, and Warren Arseneaux, CCM, with the idea of creating a CMAA Chapter of Les Amis de Vins. While trying to bring this idea to fruition, it became increasingly apparent that Les Amis de Vins lacked the enthusiasm or time to develop another chapter with CMAA. Consequently, Red and Warren decided to take this idea to CMAA’s 1987 Las Vegas Conference and present it to a small but mighty group of wine enthusiasts—past presidents, former board members, and fellow members from the Texas Lone Star Chapter. It was there that the concept of the CMAA Wine Society was developed. Read the Bylaws for more information.

Our mission is to promote the knowledge and appreciation of wine by those in the club industry through education and fellowship, providing resources and funding for continuing wine education.



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