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Transfer to Another Chapter

When you change clubs, if your move places you within a different chapter's boundaries, it is imperative that you transfer into that respective chapter. CMAA's Bylaws stipulate a dual and simultaneous membership requirement with the local (geographically determined) Chapters and National, making this action mandatory.

How do I transfer Chapters?

  • Please complete the online Chapter Transfer Request Form below. When you select your previous and new Chapter from the dropdown menu, the form is automatically sent to both Chapters so that they are aware of your relocation/transfer. The new Chapter will then be in touch with next steps to make your transfer official.

What happens next?

  • Upon receipt of a Chapter Transfer Request Form, Chapter Secretaries or Managing Directors should follow their respective Chapter's guidelines for processing transferring members. Some checks and balances to consider, are:
    • Is the transferee a member in good standing with CMAA National?
    • Was the transferee a member in good standing with his/her previous Chapter?
    • Should your chapter collect full-year dues, pro-rated dues, or decide to waive fees until the next billing cycle?
  • Once the Chapter has approved your transfer request, the Managing Director or Chapter Secretary can forward the Chapter Transfer Request Form via email to National Headquarters and to the member's previous Chapter's Managing Director or Secretary to verify the process is complete. It is important to note that all CMAA members are entitled to transfers automatically—there should be no "joining" stipulation placed on these individuals as they are already official members of the Association.


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