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Club Executive of the Year

2022 Call for Nominations

Annually, Club Management magazine recognizes excellence in club leadership with the Club Executive of the Year Award. Originally known as the Club Manager of the Year, this distinction was created in 1985 by Club Management magazine to honor an individual who by his or her achievements best represents the qualities found in hard-working, dedicated club management leaders. In 2008, the award was re-titled to mirror the evolution of the role of a club management professional.

Nominate a club management professional who embodies professionalism at your club and within the CMAA community. CMAA welcomes and encourages nominations from diverse backgrounds and work experiences.

2022 Nominations should include specifics on how the nominee embraces:

  • Mentoring;
  • Creating a club culture which supports the staff team through on-going educational opportunities and crisis assistance; and
  • Demonstrating sustained engagement with their local CMAA Chapter.

All Nominations must be received by September 23.

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