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The premise of our social media influencers is simple. Instagram influencers (and social media influencers in general) are charging up to $100,000 per post to advertise a business product. We took this exact model and have Champions Run kids promote the products we sell at the pool. For example, we take 5 kids (who are social butterflies) and give them free smoothies. In return for getting the free smoothies, they go around and tell all the other kids at the pool how great they taste and how all the kids need to go buy one; they also post it to their own social media accounts. Guess what! Smoothie sales SOARED! We do this with all food and beverage at the pool and have seen high ROI in doing so.


The kids obviously love getting free stuff, but they also enjoy taking ownership and acting as if they are employees. Everyone has been very receptive and positive to it, we’ve even started shooting our own commercials with our influencers. The parents and kids love it.

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Dustin Fuhrman

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