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Sports Marketing


Leverage the success of your local sports teams--college and professional. The Grill advertised local sports team viewing events--including UVA football, basketball, lacrosse and soccer, College Bowls, College National Championships and National Sporting Events. In several instances, the Grill set up a projector and large screen in the dining room to increase the number of members who could watch. This added energy to the dining areas, and increased member usage, incremental revenue, and, most importantly, member satisfaction.


On a monthly basis, our Communications Department helped produce posters advertising the sports viewing events--we used action photos of our student members/players and gave the posters to them as a memento. We talked up the events in the preceding days. During the events, we would make it a point of acknowledging our student members who were playing in the event. As a part of the fun, we used the college logos to frame the poster—utilizing the logos to spell out Manager and Chef names within the logo letters.

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