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Starting a New Student Chapter

Looking to start a CMAA Student Chapter at your university? Any four-year college/university is eligible to create a CMAA Student Chapter. All you need to get started is 10 students, a dedicated Faculty Advisor, and a passion for the club industry and your future!

Start a CMAA Student Chapter

Become an Official CMAA Student Chapter

Coming towards the end of your two-year colony period? There are a few things you’ll need to have/submit to become an official CMAA Student Chapter:

  • 10+ Student Members
  • Chapter Bylaws and Constitution  (Submit in National Questionnaire)
  • Support Letter from Senior Chapter (Submit in National Questionnaire)
  • Support Letter from Faculty Advisor (Submit in National Questionnaire)
  • Support Letter from Student Colony President/Officers (Submit in National Questionnaire)
  • Information about the University/Hospitality Program/Club Class (Submit in National Questionnaire)
  • National Questionnaire (below)

Please email CMAA with any questions about your future CMAA Student Chapter.

CMAA Student Chapter Guidelines Questionnaire

This form must be completed towards the end of your 2-year colony period.

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