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Starting a New Student Chapter

Looking to start a CMAA Student Chapter at your university? Any four-year college/university is eligible to create a CMAA Student Chapter. All you need to get started is 10 students, a dedicated Faculty Advisor, and a passion for the club industry and your future!

Start a CMAA Student Chapter

Become an Official CMAA Student Chapter

Coming towards the end of your two-year colony period? There are a few things you’ll need to have/submit to become an official CMAA Student Chapter:

  • 10+ Student Members
  • Chapter Bylaws and Constitution  (Submit in National Questionnaire)
  • Support Letter from Senior Chapter (Submit in National Questionnaire)
  • Support Letter from Faculty Advisor (Submit in National Questionnaire)
  • Support Letter from Student Colony President/Officers (Submit in National Questionnaire)
  • Information about the University/Hospitality Program/Club Class (Submit in National Questionnaire)
  • National Questionnaire (below)

Please email Christina Krueger with any questions about your future CMAA Student Chapter.

CMAA Student Chapter Guidelines Questionnaire

This form must be completed towards the end of your 2-year colony period.

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