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Idea Fair

The 2024 Idea Fair will be held in conjunction with the World Conference & Club Business Expo from March 4-8. The purpose of the Idea Fair is to share ideas with other managers through a visual medium (i.e., display board.) You must be a CMAA member to enter. Entries will be on display during Conference, with the exception of when the entries are being judged. CMAA will print your boards for you.

Submission Deadline: February 5, 2024

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Categories and Examples

Successful parties, celebrations, announcements, publicity, and temporary club transformations.

Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Christmas, or others.

Sporting events, concepts, promotions, parties, or organized field trips for youths.

Training, coaching, continuing education, professional development, staff recruitment and retention, handling labor issues, staff shortages, unique programs to enhance morale, pride, teamwork, loyalty and longevity, benefit programs.

Programs, activities, or incentives that promote the health and mental well-being of staff.

Need-to-know programs and/or emergency procedures or crisis communications/disaster plans, workers compensation, property and health insurance, and risk management programs.

Publications, websites, handbooks, guides, directories/yearbooks, history books, special calendars, social media, etc.

New member orientation, recruitment/retention techniques, plans, programs, etc.

Successful board or committee relations; meeting tactics, governance, orientation programs, effective use of an agenda, surveys, and “political” techniques.

How-to manuals, checklists, tracking systems used to monitor facility improvements that strengthen club operations, no demo renovations, facility transformations, etc.

Effective use of energy reduction techniques, “green” efforts, recycling programs, sustainability, chemical reduction, etc., to reinforce the club’s community image.

Tournaments, promotions, amenities, incentives, golf course maintenance, member instruction, and training for staff or caddies.

Tournaments, promotions, amenities, incentives, court maintenance, member instruction, and training for staff.

Unique alternative sports programs and events; aquatic events; lawn games; other sport-related activities outside of golf and racquet sports.

Fitness and spa concepts, swimming, tennis/racquet sport ideas, wellness (family, senior, and others), meal programs, and nutrition.

Menu items, presentation, theme dinners, and promotions for increasing dining room traffic.

Wine marketing programs, special theme beverages, non-alcoholic concepts, and marketing craft beer.

Any method, procedure, equipment, etc., used to reduce club expenses or reduce time needed to complete a task.

Fundraising, scholarships, clubs giving back to the community.

Rotational internship programs, check-ins, special or unique attributes of your club’s program, mentorships, qualifications to be a mentor, etc.

Club advocacy and awareness, task force/ committee creation and strategy, mentoring, career development and opportunities, etc.

Responding to today’s club issues and trends, the “club of the future.”


Entry Criteria

  • All entries must be submitted online.
  • Boards must be identified by both the number and name of the category.
  • CMAA will be printing entries on standard size poster boards (22”x28”) for display on site. To preserve the quality of your entry, please submit a high-resolution PDF.
  • Entry boards must be submitted in portrait format (not landscape).
  • A business card image of the CMAA member who is submitting the entry must be included (must be a CMAA member).
  • Total number of Idea Fair submissions is limited to 10 entries per CMAA member, across all categories.

Judging Criteria

  • Creativity/clarity/content
  • Transferability of idea/method to other clubs
  • Uniqueness of idea


In addition to category winners, the judging committee will select three overall award winners: the “Most Innovative Idea,” the “Show Stopper Idea,” and the “Chairman’s Award.” Make sure your idea(s) stand out from the rest to be considered for these exciting opportunities!

You will receive 1 Association Activity (AA) credit for each entry that you submit (maximum of 10 entries per member). All winning entries will receive 1 AA credit as well.

For further information, please contact Erica Benjamin.

Idea Fair Entry Form

Completing the entry form below will automatically send your information to CMAA Headquarters. CMAA will print your board(s) for you. You do not need to print and ship them.

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