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Six Universal Key Club Performance Indicators Established

Kyle Jennings


Alexandria, VA—October 3, 2022—The Club Management Association of America announces the release of the Universal Key Club Performance Indicators White Paper. This resource details the six Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that encapsulate a high-level picture of financial health, including the major components of a club.

The release of this industry resource is the culmination of a concerted effort, inclusive of a public industry comment period, that began in March 2022 to create metrics that would become a common language between club managers, boards, and industry consultants. These KPIs were developed by a task force of industry experts and practitioners and are intended to provide a tool to club managers and boards of directors, governors, or committees to begin a conversation on the effective operational strategies toward the overall financial health of a club. These KPIs can be used together to provide insightful information in concert with other quantitative and qualitative information available to club stakeholders.

From examining financial performance over a period of time to monitoring the retention and attrition of a club’s member base, each KPI serves as an important indicator of the approach a club should take to sustain the expected standard of service and member experience.

Access the Universal Key Club Performance Indicators White Paper

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