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Understanding Your CMAA Credits

While education can take many forms, for certification purposes, CMAA education is defined as a structured experience that enables the purposeful growth of the individual in the club management field in a manner that can be assessed by CMAA. Credits are given for CMAA/CMI-endorsed educational programs and for CMAA-approved equivalents. At least one-half of the total Education Credit requirement must come from CMAA-sponsored educational programs. Below is a listing of the types of credits CMAA offers.

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Club Management Institute Credits

Club Management Institute (CMI) Education Credits are awarded for CMAA National Education including:

CCM Pin LogoManagers working toward their CCM need a minimum of 100 credits from CMAA (CMI or Chapter Education). Sixty of the 120 credits needed to maintain your CCM must be CMI or Chapter Education credits.

Association Activity Credits

Association Activity Credits are awarded for involvement with the Association including:

CCM Pin LogoManagers working toward their CCM need 25 Association Activity Credits.

Chapter Education Credits

Chapter Education Credits are earned at the chapter level. Please visit your chapter’s website for their upcoming events.

CCM Pin LogoManagers working toward their CCM need 25 Chapter Education Credits. Sixty of the 120 credits needed to maintain your CCM must be CMI or Chapter Education credits.


Workshops are educational programs that consist of at least six hours of instruction (excluding meals and breaks) covering one club-specific topic, and must include an examination or other assessment of learning at the conclusion of the program.

Advanced approval is required for a program to count as a workshop. The following educational programs are considered workshops:

Many chapters host workshops, please visit your chapter’s website for their upcoming events.

All workshops, regardless of length, will count as one workshop.

CCM Pin LogoManagers working toward their CCM need 25 Association Activity Credits.

Other Education Credits

CCM Pin LogoOther Education Credits are a great way for managers seeking their CCM to reach their total 300 credits or a manager maintaining their certification with 120 credits.

Other Education Credits can be earned from a number of institutions including:

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Successful participation in programs with these specified Global Partners earns CMI Education Credits for CMAA members.

  • Asian Golf Industry Federation
  • Club Management Association of Canada
  • Club Managers Association of East Africa
  • Club Managers Association of Europe
  • Club Managers Association of Southern Africa
  • China Chapter of CMAA
  • Columbian Club Managers Association
  • Golf Managers Association of New Zealand
  • Golf Management Australia

These credits do not count toward the CMAA/CMI Education Credits requirement for certification, the Certification Maintenance Requirement, Honor Society or MCM eligibility. Allied Association Credits are limited to a maximum of 10 Credits in a one-week period. The following allied associations are currently recognized:

  • American Culinary Federation
  • American Hotel and Lodging Association
  • American Junior Golfers Association
  • American Society of Golf Course Architects
  • Association of Club Catering Professionals
  • Association of Golf Directors of France
  • Association Mexicana de Gerentes de Clubes de Golf, A.C.
  • Association of College and University Clubs
  • Association of Golf Merchandisers
  • Association of Pool and Spa Professionals
  • Association of Private Club Directors
  • Belgian Association of Golf Club Secretaries
  • British Institute of Club Management
  • Canadian Professional Golfers Association
  • Club Chefs Association of America
  • Club Managers Association of Australia
  • Club Managers Association of Hong Kong
  • Club Managers Association of Malaysia
  • Club Managers Association of Mexico
  • Club Managers Association of Singapore
  • Club Managers Spain
  • Club Secretaries’ and Managers’ Association of Great Britain
  • Club Spa & Fitness Association
  • Community Association Institute
  • Culinary Institute of America
  • Danish Golf Managers Association
  • European Golf Course Owners Association
  • Finnish Golf Managers Association
  • Foodservice Consultants Society International
  • Golf Course Builders Association of America
  • Golf Course Superintendents Association of America
  • Golf Club Managers Association UAE
  • Golf Club Managers Association (UK)
  • Golf Management Association of Germany
  • Golf Management Association of Sweden
  • Hospitality Financial and Technology Professionals
  • International Association of Golf Administrators
  • International Council on Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional Education (CHRIE)
  • International Facilities Management Association
  • International Food Service Executives Association
  • International Health, Racquet and Sports Club Association
  • International Military Community Executives Association
  • Irish Associate of Golf Club Secretaries
  • Ladies’ Professional Golf Association
  • Locker Room Managers Association
  • National Association of Catering Executives
  • National Club Association
  • National Golf Car Manufacturers Association
  • National Golf Course Owners Association
  • National Golf Foundation
  • National Restaurant Association
  • North American Association of Club Athletic Directors
  • Portugal Club Managers Association
  • Professional Golfers’ Association of America
  • Professional Club Marketing Association
  • Private Clubs Alliance of Russia
  • Sommelier Society of America
  • United States Golf Association
  • United States Professional Tennis Association
  • United States Sailing Association
  • United States Tennis Association

Members who attend allied association educational programs should apply for credits by submitting the Petition for Allied Association Credits. A copy of a certificate of completion for an allied association program will serve in lieu of the instructor’s signature on the petition form.


Managers can earn the following Other Education Credits for work completed through an accredited college, university or military educational institution.

To submit your degree or coursework for Other Education Credits, please have your official transcript mailed to:

Club Management Association of America
Attn: Certification Manager
1733 King Street
Alexandria, VA 22314

Undergraduate Coursework and Degrees

A maximum of four years in an undergraduate program will be accepted.

  • 20 credits – per academic year (two semesters or three quarters) for full-time attendance in a non-hospitality program
  • 35 credits – per academic year for full-time attendance in a hospitality program
  • 10 credits – for degree recipients
  • 1 credit per 3 college credits – are awarded for part-time enrollment or individual college courses

Graduate-Level Coursework and Degrees

A maximum of two years in a Master’s program and three years in a Doctoral program will be accepted.

  • 30 credits – per academic year for full-time attendance in a non-hospitality program
  • 45 credits – per academic year for full-time attendance in a hospitality program
  • 1 credit per 2 graduate semester credit hours – graduate-level courses taken without completion of an advanced degree program

Teaching at the Collegiate Level

Other Education Credits are awarded on the basis of four credits per semester credit hour.

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