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Chapter Leader FAQs

We have collected answers to some frequently asked questions useful for Managing Directors (MDs) and chapter leaders. Please contact us if you need additional information or have any questions that aren't answered below.

The purpose of the Chapter Idea Fair is for Chapters to share innovative ideas with each other in specific categories. This award program is presented at the annual Leadership/Legislative Conference (LLC). Winning chapters are recognized in various ways both at LLC and throughout the year. You earn valuable points in the Chapter of the Year Award Program just by entering!

Questions? Contact Erica Benjamin

Credits are given for CMAA/CMI-endorsed educational programs and for CMAA-approved equivalents. Read Understanding Your CMAA Credits to learn about the different types.

Questions? Contact Brian Watkins or Sonya Rome

  1. Sign into your account and navigate to your profile
  2. Click “My Chapters” and select the Chapter you want to export
  3. Click on “Chapter Reports” and “Chapter Member Export”
  4. A new window will pop up. Click “Go” and wait for the download window to appear

Questions? Contact Alanna Eckard

Information about the Chapter transfer process and the form a transferring member should fill out are now online. 

Questions? Contact Alanna Eckard or Erica Benjamin

Each Chapter handles students differently but many Chapters welcome students to attend Chapter events. Students pay National dues only. You should have the ability to pull the rosters for the student chapters in your area through your chapter portal.

Questions? Contact Christina Krueger or Alanna Eckard

There is a contact list in the MD Connect Community page. Or you can visit the Chapter Directory.

Questions? Contact Alanna Eckard or Erica Benjamin

New members (or former members who have been gone for more than a year) complete the online application through CMAA’s website and submit payment for both National and Chapter dues in one easy online transaction.

Questions? Contact Alanna Eckard or Erica Benjamin

No. CMAA memberships belong to the individual and are non-transferable. However, if a club has recently paid for a member’s dues and that member leaves the club, CMAA allows someone new to join at a discounted rate.

Questions? Contact Erica Benjamin or Alanna Eckard

Chapter Digest is an online publication that is sent to all Chapter leaders monthly. This newsletter focuses on skills and information necessary for successful Chapter management and operations. This email list is generated from the current list of chapter officers we have on file.

Questions? Contact Erica Benjamin or Kyle Jennings

The new members pay both National and Chapter dues through the online application process. By the 10th of each month, we will process a disbursement into the Billhighway accounts for each Chapter who gained new members in the previous month. Once the money fully processes into your accounts, you will receive an email from Alanna with the details of who joined your Chapter in the previous month and how much each new member paid to help in your bookkeeping process. You will need to manually move the money from your Billhighway account into your local bank account and we recommend you do that each time there is a disbursement to avoid any confusion.

Questions? Contact Alanna Eckard or Erica Benjamin or Billhighway Support

When a new or rejoining member completes the online application and payment, they receive an email with the subject line: “CMAA – Chapter Membership Pending Approval” confirming their application. The Chapter MD, Alanna Eckard, and Erica Benjamin, are all BCC’d on that email. If you recognize this person’s name and want to go ahead and approve them, you may absolutely do so. You will receive an email the next morning (sent at 8:00 a.m. ET) with an Excel spreadsheet detailing the information collected in the application process for anyone who submitted their application on the previous day. Once you have processed them, please approve them through the chapter portal. Once they are approved, they will automatically be sent a welcome email from CMAA National. Alanna forwards that welcome email to the Chapter MD so they know everything is set. Please make sure to welcome the new members on your own as well!

Questions? Contact Alanna Eckard or Erica Benjamin

There is an MD group meeting in person at the World Conference and Leadership/Legislative Conference (LLC). We also host monthly meetings via zoom where all MDs can get together to talk about best practices and receive helpful reminders about upcoming deadlines and events. The meeting is typically held on the first Thursday of every month at 1:00 p.m. ET.

Questions? Contact Erica Benjamin or Alanna Eckard

From September 1 through March 31, National dues for new members is $500 (Alumnus members pay $425). April 1 through August 31, new members pay $250 (Alumnus members pay $212.50). New members who join during the month of August will receive a complimentary “education-only” registration for the upcoming World Conference once they renew for the upcoming membership year.

Questions? Contact Alanna Eckard or Erica Benjamin

  • Professional: must be in a management position at a club (those working for management companies are not eligible)
  • Alumnus: former student members who are now working in a management position at a club can join CMAA at a discounted “Alumnus” rate. They receive a discount on their National dues for their first two years of membership. After two years, they are automatically changed to Professional status. Alumnus member years count toward the six Professional years of membership needed to sit for the Certified Club Manager (CCM) Exam.
  • Continuation: Current Professional members in good standing who become unemployed and are actively seeking employment in the club management profession may continue as a Professional member for the period for which dues have been paid and is eligible to remain a Professional member for up to one additional year. Following the completion of the one additional year, if the member remains unemployed, the member shall automatically be transferred to Associate membership.
  • Associate: current Professional members in good standing who are no longer working at a club specifically but would still like to stay connected with CMAA are transferred to the Associate category of membership. Associate members still must belong to both the National Association and their local Chapter. They cannot vote or hold elective office, but all other benefits remain the same.
  • Retired: current Professional or Associate members in good standing who are no longer working full-time and have reached the age of 65 may request to be transferred to the Retired category of membership. Retired members do not have to follow the “dual and simultaneous” membership requirement that other members are held to—they can be a member solely of the National Association or their local Chapter without belonging to both organizations.
  • Student: must be enrolled in an accredited college, university, or school for graduate or undergraduate studies.
  • Faculty: typically, the Student Chapter Advisor, but any Faculty member at an accredited college, university, or school can join in this category.

Questions? Contact Alanna Eckard or Erica Benjamin

If a member is unemployed at the time of National renewals, they may request to be put on “Continuation Status” (CU). Members on CU do not have to pay National dues for the upcoming membership year until are employed again (or until the next renewal period, whichever comes first) and they receive a complimentary “education-only” registration for the upcoming World Conference. We encourage Chapters to honor the CU year of dues respite for unemployed members. This benefit can not be used more than twice in a five year period or in back-to-back years.

Questions? Contact Sara Thom or Erica Benjamin

The Club Foundation is a 501(c)(3) subsidiary of CMAA. As the charitable arm of the Association, The Foundation raises funds each year that support scholarships and grants for CMAA members. The mission of The Club Foundation is to financially support the club management profession through education, research, and outreach initiatives.To learn more, please contact Ava Spece and visit the Foundation’s webpage.

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